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ESFK bringing you a countrywide Logo and Website contest for its newly formed E-sports Federation of Kenya. The winners will be given high end gaming MacBooks and other cash prizes

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  • Gordon Oreta
  • code: L238
  • Nelson Musungu
  • code: W672
  • Antony Kibara
  • code: L644
  • Gracious Mwamutsi
  • code: L695
  • Aaron Karanu
  • code: L686
  • Kenneth Kosgey
  • code: L693
  • Kenneth Kosgey
  • code: W693
  • Martin Kamau
  • code: L423
  • Kelvin Kefa
  • code: L690
  • Edwin Obare
  • code: L521
  • samuel kevin
  • code: L405
  • Abdinasir Mohamed
  • code: W436

Esports Kenya Federation Logo Contest

ESKF logo contest is a competition that allows users to submit their logo projects, and in the process giving them a chance to emerge victorious and win outstanding prizes

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Esports Kenya Federation Website Contest

ESKF website contest is a competition that allows users to showcase their website designs and wireframes, to stand a chance to win great prizes if their project merges with the most votes

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Top Rated in Logo

  • Chebet Kimetto
  • code: L643
  • Peter Kenda
  • code: L66
  • Ken Muhiu
  • code: L224
  • Dan Kimotho
  • code: L239

Top Rated in Website

  • Toney Mutinda
  • code: W2
  • Susan Njeri
  • code: W3
  • Onyango Omollo
  • code: W4
  • Millicent Nyawira
  • code: W5

How to Participate

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Create an account and fill in your personal details

Select Contest

Pick either a logo or website contest you want to participate in

Submit Files

Create a project and attach relevant images and files


Stand a chance to win if your project(s) have the most votes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a project?

A project is any file you have created and is eligible for voting. To create a project, simply checkout the available contests and join by uploading your files. Please note you can only create a project once you have an account

Are all my projects displayed?

All your projects are displayed by default upon creation. However, you can choose to make them invisible by deactivating them in your dashboard and reactivate any time you wish.

How does voting work?

All your projects have a unique code that is used for voting. Visitors are able to see the appropriate sms code for your visible projects, which they can then use to vote for you.

Can I join a contest any time?

Yes, you can join a contest any time you wish by submitting a project but only if the contest is still open. Take note of the start and end date for each.

How do I win?

Once the contest is over, the project with the most votes is deemed the winner. As a project owner,you will be able to see how many votes you have garnered during the course of the contest duration.

Can i delete my projects?

Yes you can by accessing your dashboard and navigating to the files page. However, once you have deleted a project it will not be eligible for winning even if people had already started voting for it.